Benefits of knife rental

With any busy kitchen the most important tool in that kitchen is a sharp knife. A sharp knife requires less force to use and if your knives are blunt they are harder to use and will result in knife related accidents. Cooks are more likely to treat a sharp knife with respect.

While it may seem to the customer a cheaper option to have a staff member sharpen or to use a mobile service, what they don’t realise is that often this quality of sharpen is not going to give them a durable edge and in fact sometimes removes a lot of the knife edge resulting in a short life for that knife.

A professional sharpener who provides you with knives will have good quality knives which will be sharpened professionally – you no longer have the expense of purchasing knives and relying on finding a staff member who can sharpen to a high standard.

A sharp knife ensures that prep work is more precise. Your employees will be able to slice easier, reducing the amount of food wastage.

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