We are based in Hamilton and travel throughout the North Island. We supply you with a set of premium grade stainless steel knives to your specifications.

On a Wednesday afternoon, we have open sharpening for your knives/scissors etc. This means you can bring your blunt knives along for a sharpen while you wait! If this does not suit, however, you can contact us and arrange us to suitable time or we will arrange to pickup and return your knives for a small delivery fee. We can cater to your needs!

You choose the quantity and style of knives you need. On a fortnightly or monthly basis we collect and exchange them for new sharpened and sanitised knives.

With our rental system you will never waste time sharpening knives or exposing your employees to the hazards of dull knives again.

We supply to:

Café & Restaurants






And any other industry that requires sharp knives.

The benefits of this system are that you do not have the expense of purchasing knives or the inconvenience of having them sharpened. Each fortnight we deliver a new set sharpened and ready to go. Call us for an obligation free quote and trial for your individual requirements.